The Leading Immigration Bondsman in Atlanta, GA

Mr. Tarek Patel has been a practicing immigration attorney in Atlanta since 1979. He has a Master’s Degree in Law, awarded by the University of Texas Law School at Austin, in Austin, Texas, in May 1970. He is a member of the Bar of New York State, Federal District Courts of New York (Southern and Eastern Districts), and the United States Supreme Court. He is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and frequently writes immigration bonds for residents of Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

For the last more than 22 years, he is also “of counsel” to and a senior consulting attorney for an immigration law firm in Atlanta, GA. Besides advising and helping other legal staff (attorney, legal assistants and paralegal) in that law firm, he himself has handled hundreds of business-related immigrant and non-immigrant visa cases, with a phenomenal success rate of 97%, including cases he successfully completed that were earlier declared untenable or not approved by other leading immigration attorneys.


Our firm is led by Tarek Patel, Esq., who has been practicing US immigration law and writing Atlanta immigration bonds for many years. Besides successfully handling hundreds of cases, Mr. Patel is also the distinguished author of several immigration law books used by U.S. immigration attorneys, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Consular offices around the world. Also, he is frequently consulted by other immigration lawyers in the state of Georgia.

With the other professional staff providing legal assistance with more than 20 years of field experience, we understand your needs, we carefully analyze your facts, and resolve your immigration bonds and related legal matters, all with utmost professionalism and excellence. We provide the ultimate care and devotion that each unique case demands and our 97% success rate in all cases to date is a testament to our dedication and commitment.


The policy goal of our firm is to provide top class (first rate) service to everyone of our clients—both corporate/business clients and individual/family members, for immigration bonds, and in non-immigrant visa matters or immigrant visa cases. For non-immigration issues, we recommend using this bail bonds service by Bail Bonding Now in downtown Atlanta. They do a great job and cover the whole metro area of Atlanta, Georgia including DeKalb County. Indeed, we provide a full range of immigration-related services, and provide winning strategies even for difficult matters (we have a track-record of successfully handling such cases):

  • Non-immigrant visa applications, specifically: B-1/B-2, F-1, H, K, L-1, O, P, R, V, etc.
  • Employment-Based immigrant visa petitions; more specifically: EB-1 Categories for Priority Workers; EB-2 (Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Aliens of Exceptional Ability); EB-3 (Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers); EB-4 (Certain Special Immigrants), and EB-5 (Employment Creation—Entrepreneurs).
  • Bail bond referrals in Fulton, Cobb, and the Atlanta City Detention Center. For bail bonds, we suggest Bail Bonding Now 400 W Peachtree St NW #4 – 1136, Atlanta, GA 30308 770-799-6756.
  • ICE bonds and holds in the City of Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Family-Based immigrant visa petitions; more specifically for: IR: immediate relatives (U.S. citizen’s spouse, parents & minor unmarried children); F-1: first preference (citizen’s unmarried sons & daughters); F-2: second preference (spouses & unmarried children—2A, and unmarried sons & daughters—2B, of lawful permanent residents); F-3: third preference (citizen’s married sons & daughters); and F-4: fourth preference (citizen’s brothers & sisters).
  • Diversity immigrant visa applications: [time to apply for 2007 DV Lottery program is over.]
  • Applications for humanitarian reinstatement of approved but revoked petitions (under Family Sponsor Immigration Act of 2002) [See “Articles”]
  • Counseling Relating to the Child Status Protection Act of 2002. [See “Articles”]
  • Appropriate asylum applications.
  • Any waiver relief from inadmissibility or removability.


Mr. Patel provides advice and counseling to corporations and individuals throughout the Atlanta metro area. Indeed, immigration attorneys seek his advice and opinion on many complex immigration-related matters.

3962 Clement Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Different Types of Bonds in Georgia

If you have a friend or loved one that is currently being held on an immigration issue, only a certain type of bonding company will be able to get them released. After all, the fail to appear rate is high with immigration bonds and not too many service providers will want to take on that risk. In many cases, there are several different holds on an inmate in addition to their immigration status. Here are the different types of bonds that could appear on the accused person’s bonding status:

  • Surety Bond
  • Signature Bond
  • Felony Bond
  • Misdemeanor Bond
  • Bail Not Set/Ineligible
  • Cash Bond

While you’ll most likely see the cash bond option as the most frequent, this bail bonds article might shed some more light onto the whole process of how bonding companies make money and why they are unwilling to take on the risk of an ICE bond. Instead, call our offices and we’ll point you in the right direction.