We provide expert consultation services, and give frank and honest legal advice on any immigration issue(s) to individuals as well as companies, whether related to nonimmigrant or immigrant visa matters.

We examine your facts and papers, and tell you what is possible and what is not; whether anything could be done, if at all, and what are the chances of success.

Also, we take up any case for legal help to anyone, only if we are reasonably sure that we can make an excellent representation.

For seeking consultation and advice, please fill-up the FACT SHEET below, and email the same to us at: admin @ Upon receipt, we will inform you of the amount of the consultation fee and method of payment.

1.  Please write down your facts and reasons for seeking legal help, as clearly and accurately as you can, including the history of any prior or pending case, if any:

2. If you have any case papers with you (or anyone else), please list each one:

(We will tell you what documents you need to send for our review.)

3. Please let us know whether you want to consult with Mr. Patel in our office, or over the phone, or via email:

4.Please let us know whether you want advice/opinion orally or in writing (Note: written advice/opinion costs more, but we will tell you what the cost will be):