Mr. Patel has handled a vast majority of cases over the past 25 years, including very many cases that were extremely difficult and the clients themselves had given up hope. Some of these cases refer to bail bonds while others refer to immigration holds. A majority of these testimonials have to do with the entire immigration processes from start to finish. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say.



[A lawyer in Woodland Hills, California—Mr. Indra Gandhi:]
“In my 30 years of immigration law practice, I had many occasions to work with Mr. Tarek Patel. I began knowing him by purchasing his Patel’s Citations as soon as it was first published in 1982. His thorough knowledge of precedent decisions and case law and up-to-the-minute preparedness has been of invaluable service whenever I sought his assistance. I am often in litigation with the USCIS [legacy INS] and file numerous appeals from baseless decisions of District Directors and Service Centers. I am happy to acknowledge his contribution in my successes.”
[Mr. Indra Gandhi is a columnist for INDIA-WEST, a weekly news magazine and regularly writes the column “Legally Speaking” since 1977.]


[Extraordinary Ability EB-1-1 Self-Petition by Sirisha Gundamaraju—Artist—Documentary Filmmaking and International Arts and Culture]
“I am happy to acknowledge that Mr. Tarek Patel took the time to understand my background, and constructed a strong case for my permanent resident visa. He spent a lot of time, coached me on everything from organizing my exhibits in the most compelling manner to selecting the right references to support key aspects of my professional accomplishments. The kind of patience he has is amazing, he made me work really hard. Was his thorough, diligent approach effective? The results speak for themselves. I received my Green Card within 5 weeks of submitting my application! Thank you, Mr. Patel!”


[Professor Alex Delis, currently at the University of Athens, Greece, for whom an EB-1-2 Petition as Outstanding Researcher was filed by and approved for an educational Institution, wrote:]
“I met Mr. Patel in the late nineties while I was in search of an experienced immigration lawyer who could handle a rather complicated immigration case. I was referred to his firm by a colleague from IBM-Research with a very strong recommendation for Mr. Patel who had successfully worked on his immigration case in the early nineties. Immediately I realized that I was working with the very knowledgeable immigration lawyer and a competent professional.
He reviewed and revised my documents/letters literally in real-time and provided me with feedback always in no more than a few hours, so much so that I felt as if he was working exclusively on my case! Invariably I got the impression that here was a professional who would go an extra mile to get the best possible outcome for his client. Even I found, workaholic as I am, that it was difficult to keep up with him indeed. Later I decided to go to Australia as a visiting professor and left contact with him for some five years. I later learned from two of my colleagues in Brooklyn, New York that during that time Mr. Patel had successfully handled their cases as outstanding researchers, and both of them expressed their admiration for the legal work and capabilities of Mr. Patel.

About two years ago, when I again decided to pursue my claim for outstanding researcher classification, obviously I contacted Mr. Patel, and we resumed our collaboration in developing the case. While it entailed reviewing and revising a vast number of letters and other documents, I was always impressed by his diligence, thorough professional work, his crisp and always appropriate comments on the documents, and his deep knowledge of the immigration law. He was not only thorough but absolutely meticulous as well. As a result, my claim was approved in a short time.

In short, Mr. Patel develops an excellent rapport with his clients and his collaborative style and relaxed ways help the most in having a successful case. He is rigorous in the process and he always insists in fairly presenting a case. In the period of about ten years of my association, I always found him to be most courteous, polite, responsive, and absolutely effective and efficient individual. Now, I am always delighted to recommend Mr. Patel’s legal services at any time and without any hesitation whatsoever, for I truly believe that Mr. Patel can escort complex immigration cases and bring them to a successful end. I would rate his legal services as most outstanding.

Alex Delis, PhD
Professor, University of Athens
Athens, Greece
[Later he added: “This note does not exaggerate in any way; you are certainly an extraordinary lawyer in my humble opinion and above all a gentleman. I value this very much. Warm regards, Alex.”


Dear Mr. Patel,
“Thank you so much . . . I appreciate all of your help and efforts. I could not believe that they approved my case without asking any further questions. I was expecting to get lots of questions . . . Thanks again.
Minah [Dr. Minah Sooh, a Korean National]”
[EB-2 Self-Petition—National Interest Waiver Claim]


[A Xerox Company employee]
[EB-1-2 Petition—Research Scientist]
“. . . Thank you so much for a successful petition. I am very happy and satisfied with the process we went through to get this critical I-140 approval.” [Same client later wrote on 8-2-2004:] “My I-485 has been approved, and approval letter has arrived. It has been almost three years since we initiated I-140 (OR) process. Thank you again for great work done during I-140 stage. . . . ”


[A client —Rob Paul—in the Netherlands, on behalf of himself, his wife and son, wrote:]
[Claim for Waiver of Inadmissibility]
“Dear Mr. Patel,
We would like to thank you . . . very much for contacting the INS in Frankfurt and for sending a fax to the INS officer Mr. —–. We are thankful for all the work that you have done for us and are very impressed with your commitment to our case. Noreen, Ryam and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”


[A Japanese client wrote:]
[EB-1-1 Self-Petition—Scientist]
“Dear Mr. Patel,
We were informed that the I-140 application was approved. We were so excited. We greatly appreciate your kind and thoughtful guidance. Thank you so much.” [Same client later wrote on 8-12-2003, on behalf of himself and his wife, as follows:]
“Dear Mr. Patel,
It is my great pleasure to inform you that we have successfully completed all the procedures for the green card application and entered the US receiving I-551 stamp yesterday. Please accept our deepest appreciation for your kind advice, guidance and cooperation in this matter.”

[A young client–artist from Taiwan, Yi (Eric) Feng, wrote:
[Extraordinary Ability EB-1-1 Self-Petition—Animation Artist]
“Dear Mr. Patel,
I thank you so much for helping me on my case.”


[A Professor/Researcher at a Southern University wrote:]
[EB-1-2 Petition—Research Scientist —Edith Seyer]
“… I received … a fax copy of the … approval of the petition … I wanted to say thanks, and to let you know how thankful I am to Mr. P. J. Patel, Esq., who handled my case. He was very patient with me and gave me a lot of encouragement and did a knowledgeable management of the procedure. It was a pleasure to work with him. I had had conversations with immigration lawyers from other firms before and none of them impressed me in knowledge and assertiveness as Mr. Patel did.”
[Alien herself wrote directly earlier on 5-4-2001:]
“Dear Mr. Patel,
Thanks for your patience and answers. Now I have a clear picture of the procedure and situation. I could not have had a better lawyer. …”


[EB-1-1 Self-Petition—Violinist—Tigran Verdanian]
“Dear Mr. Patel:
I hope you know the great news … our case got approved!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I don’t know how to thank you. I am so happy. You don’t imagine how many problems you have saved me from. Thank you so much!!!
… I do what to thank you at least over the phone until I happen to be in NYC [New York City] to thank you in person. …”


[Executive Director of an Internationally Renowned Dance Company wrote:]
[O-1 Petition as Extraordinary Ability Dancer]
“Dear Mr. Patel:
On behalf of the Pascal Rivoult Dance Theatre, I want to thank you for your willingness to provide … legal services to our company. …. We are extraordinarily appreciative of your generous spirit and hope that you may be able to see the company sometime in the near future. …. Thank you once again on behalf of …. and the Board of Directors for your help.”

[EB-1-1 Self-Petition—Scientist—Yongfeng Xi]
“Guess what? The case has been approved! … Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!”


[EB-1-1 Scientist—Sergei Y. Yakovenko—wrote:]
“I would like to thank you personally for the efforts. I am really happy to see that our work was not senseless.”


[General Manager—Susan Lassen—of Prismark Partners LLC, wrote:
“Dear Mr. Patel:
We are delighted that Mark has just received his labor certificate … Without your help he would not have been able to remain in the US and we are extremely grateful to you.”
Earlier on May 17, 1999, Susan Lassen wrote, in connection with an O-1 Petition:
“We cannot thank you enough for your skill and expertise in presenting Mark’s O-1 nonimmigrant visa so successfully. … You gave us very clear instructions, the courage to pursue the application, … and your experience in the language and the presentation of the case. We do indeed have much to celebrate here at Prismark. Thank you again very much indeed for all your hard work on behalf of Mark and his family.”


[O-1 Petition as Extraordinary Ability Research Scientist—K. Ganesan—Borden Foods]
“I want to commend on the excellent service rendered by your firm, especially Mr. Patel in getting me an O-1 visa approved on time. I had only 5 weeks before my H-1B expired and was pleasantly surprised to receive my O-1 approval right on time. This gave me an opportunity to continue work without loss of pay and made things much easier with my financial situation. This would not have been possible without the dedicated work of Mr. Patel. His suggestions on the recommendation letters, and the final draft clearly were the reasons for the approval of my petition. … Again thanks for … the admirable job done by your associates.


[EB-1-1 Attorney—Doron Lipshitz—Cleary Gootlieb Steen & Hamilton]
“I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation foe the wonderful work that Tarek Patel … did in connection with Cleary Gootlieb’s application on my behalf for an immigrant visa. The application was successful thanks to the great efforts, dedication and excellent legal advise by … P.J. …., for which I am grateful.”


[EB-1-2 Petition—Research Scientist of Bristol-Myers Squibb—Ling Chen—wrote:]
“I’d like to express my thanks … to Mr. Patel, … who helped me succeed … Mr. Patel contacted me in April, 1998 and he sent me the guideline … It took me ten months to prepare and finalize these documentation. In these 10 months time, I didn’t remember how many times I sent those drafts to Mr. Patel for correction, however, I did remember each time I got his correction back on time. I noticed for several times that the corrections were made on Saturday and Sundays too. I was so grateful to these help rendered from Mr. Patel, not to mention so many times I talked to him on the phone for his valuable advice.”


[A Bristol-Myers Squibb officer—David A. Fritzsche—wrote:]
“… You are the greatest! I am sure we couldn’t have done this without you.